Ghost Story

“It's all or more in our civil war of love and chords”- Wildfire, Off Island Ghost 

Off Island Ghost takes its inspiration from the melodic, melancholy lyrics of Death Cab for Cutie backed by the dynamic instrumentation and big pop choruses of Jack’s Mannequin and Snow Patrol.  

Off Island Ghost is the story of two young Wisconsin natives from divergent backgrounds. Multi-instrumentalist Lyle Brotkowski spent over a decade recording and performing with multiple local bands after obtaining a degree in recording arts. Singer-songwriter Amir Hamizadeh was more used to being behind the scenes running marketing campaigns for top Wisconsin pop/rock bands while attending school for business. Despite both working in the same Milwaukee music scene for nearly ten years, their paths didn’t formally cross until both musicians ended up working at the same retail store. Amir recognized Lyle from performing with one of his local heroes, and the pursuit of making music together became inevitable.  

From when the band began demoing songs in November of 2016, Lyle and Amir experienced very much in very little time- major break ups, losses of loved ones, births, graduations. To help remain isolated while recording, everything was produced, engineered, and mixed entirely by Lyle in his home studio.  The result became Impossible Things, a 4-song EP that centers on the complexities of trust- trusting yourself, trusting love, and trusting your fate. Coming in at nearly 20 minutes, the EP demonstrates Amir’s moody lyrical style sung over Lyle’s driving rhythms and ambient guitar-work. Impossible Things includes arena-rock single Wildfire, U2-meets-The Killers anthem No Light, and Ramblings, which reads like an intimate confessional out of a diary you weren’t supposed to pick up.


Impossible Things will be available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify on June 30, 2017. Click here to watch the tabletop lyric video for Wildfire.